How can I find torrents now without the built in search?
You can use your favorite web browser to find torrent files/magnet links on the internet. Alternatively you can use a torrent search app, like “Torrential Torrent Search” or “Torrent Search Tool”.

Why did the search feature disappeared?
See here.

Can I get a refund?
You can cancel every purchase on the Play Store within 2 hours.
tTorrent has a Lite version for free to test and decide if you want to buy the ad free version.

I have bought a code with PayPal earlier. Is it possible to grant me a license to the ad free version on the market?
Sorry, this is not possible.

I have purchased a code via PayPal earlier, will it be supported in the future?
Yes, the Lite version can be unlocked to the ad free version with the code on the same device.
If you have a new device, contact us with your new WiFi MAC Address through the email address you used for the purchase.

I cannot write to my external sdcard, however I have Android 5.0(Lollipop). How can I enable writing to external sdcards?
From version 1.5.2 tTorrent supports writing external (at least Lollipop is required), but only if the permission is granted in the settings. You can grant the permission at Settings/Directories/External storage access, you have to pick the root folder of your scard. Please note this process should be repeated if you insert another sdcard.

My device has Android 4.4(KitKat), and I cannot download to my external sdcard. I get a permission denied error. Why?
This is a problem with Android 4.4, not the app. The KitKat system denies write access to the external sdcard.
See these links for further information:
The workaround for rooted devices:
Workaround for non-rooted devices:
Create the directory /Android/data/hu.tagsoft.ttorrent.lite or /Android/data/hu.tagsoft.ttorrent.pro on the sdcard, depending on your app version, and select this directory as the save path. Please note that the files downloaded to this location will be removed if you uninstall the app.

Does it support torrents with files bigger than 4GB?
Yes, but the FAT32 file system has this limitation. The app checks for the file system and if it is FAT32, the limit is applied. You can download torrents bigger than 4GB, but the biggest file in the torrent can not be bigger than 4GB. If you want to download files bigger than 4GB, you will need a different file system, exfat for example.

All torrent sites have been shut down. Nothing works. Why?
If you change the sites in the search option and don’t get search results at all and the sites don’t even work from your web browser, then the chances are high, that your ISP is blocking torrent sites and/or P2P Traffic.

Why I need to download another app from outside to use this?
You need to download the search plugin to be able to search from inside the app. If you don’t download it, you still can search for torrents within your internet browser.

Why do I get “Provider Error” on search?
You can try to change the search site in the app’s settings, maybe the actual torrent site is down.
Private trackers need personal login and you have to be logged in for being able to download Torrents from them.
tTorrent might have problems with private trackers. Contact the tracker owner. The peer id is now -tT1500-, and will follow the version changes.

tTorrent downloaded Virus, Malware etc. onto my device. Why?
tTorrent DOES NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING unless you tell it explicitly.
If you downloaded Virus, Malware or any other harmful software, you downloaded it from the internet, through or in bundle of another file or software.
Always check files before you download them and download only from reliable and secure sources.
Never ever download anything (a codec, a driver etc.) when asked to do it by opening a downloaded file, unless you are 100% sure, that you can trust it.

My downloaded video has no sound. Why?
This is probably because your video player does not support the audio codec used for the actual file. You can try other video player apps (Recommended: MX Player or Mobo Player).

My downloaded content (video or music) appears twice in media gallery. Why?
It is a bug with the Android media scanner and media store, your media store got corrupted somehow. You should clear the data at Phone Settings > Applications > All applications > Media storage, and force a media scan, by restarting your device, or using for example this app.

Does the app use the internal flash at all when configured to store torrents (both index and files) in a USB drive or external SD card?
It uses the internal flash if its private directry is located there to store the fastresume files, and the list of torrents.

How can I open/play the downloaded files?
tTorrent can’t open files on its own. tTorrent only downloads files. To open a file you will need an app that can open that file with that extension.
You can use the built in filebrowser to open files, if you have the right app installed. Your files are by default in the /sdcard/torrent directory.
Files can be opened also from the files tab in the details view by tapping on them.

My torrent is in seeding status for a while, when will it finish?
Seeding means the file is downloaded, but others can download pieces from you.
If you don’t want to seed it, then remove the file from your torrent list.

How can I clear the search history?
On the search result page press menu and t is Clear History.

After downloading a torrent then deleting all files associated with ttorrent, the program still shows lots of data being transferred. Explanation?
This few byte/sec data transferred is because of the DHT protocol. There is a setting to disable it, but it is not recommended.

What is the peer id of tTorrent?
The peer id is now -tT1520-, and follows version changes.

How can I contact you?
Please contact us in english by email: [email protected]